September 25, 2020

Washington State’s Division of Transportation Tweets That It Perhaps, Simply Perhaps, Discovered Bigfoot. ‘We Will Go away That As much as You’

Residents of Washington State, maintain a glance out! There’s an opportunity, simply possibly, {that a} Sasquatch is wandering close to Sherman Cross. Properly, at the very least in line with the Washington State Division of Transportation (DOT).

“Sasquatch noticed!!! I’m not superstitious… just a bit stitious,” whoever runs the Washington State DOT Twitter account tweeted on Wednesday. “When you look intently by the tree on the left there appears to be like to be one thing… is likely to be Sasquatch… We are going to go away that as much as you!”

For readers who aren’t as versed of their North American folklore — or the hit film Harry and the Hendersons — a Sasquatch is a fabled creature that’s described as giant, bushy, standing on two legs and generally known as Bigfoot.

And by darn it, if there isn’t a big creature strolling on two legs within the photograph tweeted by Washington State DOT. Is that an individual? Is it a Sasquatch? You determine! DOT frequently posts pictures of the cross, so you possibly can maintain a glance out should you’d like.

Quickly the official DOT Twitter account for Snoqualmie Cross in Washington weighed in. “I feel Bigfoot is making the rounds throughout our mountain passes. @wsdot_east confirmed him on Sherman Cross the opposite day and now he’s on the wildlife overcrossing on I-90 simply east of Snoqualmie Cross. #doyoubelieve” the account tweeted.

Positive one other, a big darkish determine could be seen strolling throughout the snow.

Throughout it was an enormous day for Bigfoots. Or is it Bigfeet?



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